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Monarch Alarm Inc.™ was started in 1971 by Bob & Alice Nordskog of Niles, IL. Bob was a Korean War veteran who joined a nationally known alarm company in 1954 as an alarm installer & service runner. He purchased Monarch in 1971 from A.W. Fruh Co. of Chicago, IL. He was joined in 1976 by sons Robert B. Nordskog, and in 1980 by Richard A. Nordskog.

Rob & Rick continue to run the business today offering residential, commercial and industrial alarm systems.

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ESA Members Look to Video, IT, IP and Mobile Devices for Growth

Survey reveals ESA member expectations for 2011-2012

Irving, Texas, January 25, 2011 - Members of the Electronic Security Association (ESA) are expecting IP-based security, alternative alarm signal transmission, the control and monitoring of security systems via mobile devices and the integration of security devices on IT networks/backbones to be among the leading growth categories over the next two years, according to ESA's Electronic Security Megatrends survey.

The results were announced last week at the ESA Leadership Summit during a panel discussion hosted by Merlin Guilbeau, ESA executive director, Joseph J. Nuccio, president/CEO of Alarm Security Group and Leadership Summit chairman, Alex Dunn, chief operating officer of APX Alarm, and David M. Koenig, partner of Capital Fire & Security. These results show that ESA members averaged a 1.7 percent increase in revenues during 2010, a sign that the industry is experiencing some positive growth.

"I participated on the panel because I thought it was important to present this information to the industry - especially at the ESA Leadership Summit where industry leaders are there to learn," said Nuccio. "The survey results prove that we have lots of opportunity in new areas and it's important that the security industry be aware, and take advantage of, these opportunities."

More than 66 percent of survey respondents expect the use of alternative alarm signal transmission to grow more than 10 percent over the next two years, followed by mobile device control at 49 percent and integration on IT/networks and IP-based security each at 46 percent.

Hosted/remote video monitoring and video surveillance for non-security applications followed at 41 and 34 percent, respectively.

Survey respondents listed video surveillance, electronic access control, fire detection and intrusion detection as the four product categories to see the most annual growth over the next two years.

"It is clear from the Megatrends study that the industry needs to look beyond just traditional security services. We understand that there is nothing more vulnerable than established entrenched success. Consumers want more. They want security combined with energy management services and the convenience of home automation-all in one," said Dunn. "It is great to work with an industry association like the ESA who understands these important trends.

The survey also reveals expansion strategies, vertical market involvement, operational investment trends and the top 12 vertical growth markets for integration and monitoring members of ESA.

"The Megatrends survey, and indeed the entire Leadership Summit, provided invaluable ideas and information that a smaller company cannot get except through involvement in their trade association. I can't begin to tell you how many times I saw somebody scribble a note to themselves about a nugget they just heard or an idea which hit them. I know I made a few notes as well," said Koenig.