Back-to-School Safety

In a perfect world, our children would be safe from harm. But in the real world, it is up to us as parents to make the right decisions regarding our children and to review with them rules for safety and what to do in case of an emergency.

Review the appropriate route home from school or the bus stop. Your children should know never to change this route. It is very important that there are a few neighbors' homes your children can go to for help if someone were following them. Make sure that these neighbors know your schedule and how to reach you in an emergency.

If a child is old enough and responsible enough to stay home alone after school, make sure that he or she knows the exact name of the place where you work, your telephone number, and any pager or cell phone numbers you may have.

Discuss with your child a daily schedule for homework, chores and activities. Leave emergency phone numbers posted near the telephone.

Tips to Share With Your Kids:

Your child should always take a friend when walking to or from school, and never take shortcuts
Remind your child to stay with a group at the bus stop
If someone they don't know offers them a ride, they should say no
Leave items and clothing with your children's names on them at home. If someone they don't know calls out their name, they shouldn't be fooled or confused
If your children go home alone after school, have them call you to let you know they are safely home