Monarch Alarm Inc.™ offers a network of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed Central Alarm Monitoring Centers. In addition to on-site redundancies, we operate a network of central stations located in Lafayette, LA Baton Rouge, LA, Chicago, IL and Austin, TX, each of which is bi-directionally redundant with one another so that all signal traffic is constantly shared live between the different centers. We are able to offload or allocate peak call volume to different centers in emergency situations or as needed so that all alarms are answered seamlessly and without delay. If there is a power outage at one or more station, the traffic automatically re-directs to the additional stations without missing a beat. This is a live redundancy situation that few, if any, other central stations can currently offer.

Our central station is a self-powered facility with dual uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems, each of which is capable of powering the facility for a minimum of four hours (a UL requirement). In addition to the UPS system, on-site diesel generators automatically power the center to full capacity. Fiber optic telephone lines are supplied in two separate pathways from the phone company to prevent interruptions in communications. We also provide fully redundant computer servers, alarm receivers, phone lines and cellular backup service.

In addition to standard security, fire and medical alert monitoring, Monarch™ offers the industry's highest UL-rated platform for video and access control monitoring. Monarch™ provides a non-proprietary, real-time proactive and interactive monitoring solution with an open architecture for seamless integration with almost any video surveillance system on the market.

We are Five Diamond Central Station Certified, a certification achieved by less than 100 of the approximately 3,000 central stations in the US, testifying that all of their operators have achieved proficiency through the CSAA Central Station Operator Training Course, which covers all phases of communications with customers, law enforcement, fire and emergency services.