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We are writing this letter in thanks and appreciation for your rapid response on the evening of Apri1 27, 2011.

At 8:10 PM our alarm system fire alarms were triggered. Monarch called the house at 8:10 PM finding no one at home the Niles, IL Fire Department was immediately contacted. The Fire Department arrived at 8:14 PM, forcibly entered and quickly extinguished the fire and began the process of smoke evacuation. The staff of Monarch continued to attempt to reach us using cell phones and alternative contact persons. They were extremely professional and truly caring about what the situation at our property was. The battalion chief of the fire department advised us that had there been another five minutes the fire would have spread off the cook top and our home would have been severely damaged or much worse possibly lost.

Our 4 pets were all at home during the fire and due to the rapid response of your team all survived without any health consequences.

We have had our alarm system for many years and now I totally know why! You all are amazing and we are truly grateful for your professionalism and thorough monitoring service.

Keith & Nancy Lodding


On May 6, as I was in another room, a frying pan overheated and my smoke alarm went off and Monarch tried to call me; but I did not get to the phone on time. When I returned the call they had already called the fire department and within a couple of minutes, the fire department was in front of my door.

I've had this system in my house for over 28 years and have never had a fire alarm go off, so naturally I was both pleased and comforted by the rapid response. Then Rick, who I've known for years, called the next day to see how everything went. That was the icing on the cake. It's nice to know that you can sleep well at night because of people like you. Thank you once again,

Theophilus Gray


Dear Rob,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your concern about me when you called the next day to see if I was okay. I did replace the two furnaces because of the carbon monoxide escaping. I got estimates from 3 companies, so I did get them. I would tell everyone about you and your company.

Frann Fingerhut